Nicola Gardiner is fundraising for CAA by creating an In Memory page for her late father Rab Allan:

We have decided to make this page to try and raise some extra money for a well deserved charity. Clydeside supported us from the start and we would like to give something back, my Dad supported Clydeside and had great faith in the job they do, although a hard one. This disease is preventable and I hope I can raise some awareness to help others in the future.

My Dad loved his job and took pride in any work he did. This condition is on the rise and if we try and get some awareness out there, we may save a life in the future. It won’t bring my Dad back, but it will help other families walking our path in the forthcoming years.

We need research into Mesothelioma and support for caregiver’s, this is no ordinary disease and has devastating effects on lifes. I hope one day it will be treatable and that nobody else will suffer the horrific side effects of this condition. My Dad never knew what was in front of him until it was there…anyone who knows the condition will understand this. I ask you’s all to donate to a worthwhile cause, you never know when it may touch you in the future. The Allan/Gardiner family”. xxxx


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