Donate in memory of a loved one

You can make a donation to Action on Asbestos and remember a loved in two ways: By making a one-off donation or by creating a fundraising page.

Make a one-off donation

This is a powerful way for friends and family to honour them by donating to a cause they cared about.

Donate with JustGiving.

You can make a one-off donation via JustGiving and leave a message of remembrance.  If you would like us to publish a donation message or a photograph on our website, please contact us.

Alex Saunders on his 80th Birthday surrounded by his family. Alex sadly passed away in September 2016. ” “A loving husband, father and grandfather, Alex Saunders, who we lost to mesothelioma in September 2016. Loved and missed by all the family. xx”

In loving memory of William Francis McGlashan (Billy)

Liz Pfeiffer in loving memory of her husband Edward

Collection at a funeral or a one-off donation via JustGiving

For those who wish to make a donation to CAA in memory of a loved one but do not wish to create a fundraising page, you can make a one-off donation in memory or we can provide envelopes to use for your collection at the funeral, please contact us.  Often, the easiest way to donate is simply by asking the funeral director to organise this on your behalf.

In theory, if the donor is a UK tax payer, then the charity is able to claim back an extra 25% in tax on the donations through the Inland Revenue’s Gift Aid scheme. But this can happen only if the collector takes a Gift Aid declaration at the time of the donation, along with a full name and address.

All the evidence suggests that, as a result of this red tape, Gift Aid is reclaimed on very few donations collected by the funeral industry – meaning charities miss out on an estimated £22 million a year in extra income.” (National Association of Funeral Directors)

Fundraising through sponsored events or to remember a loved one

Create a page in memory of a loved one Create a page in memory of a loved one JustGiving

You can write a personal message and add a cherished photograph.  You can then let friends and family of your loved one know about the page so they too can leave their own personal message and thoughts

Tell the story of the person you’re remembering and explain why you’re raising money in their memory, using words, photos and video.

Remember together

An In Memory Collection page is automatically created when someone dedicates a fundraising page to the memory of a loved one. It brings together all the fundraising being done in their memory, making it easy to see friends and family who are also raising money.

Your Collection lasts forever as a legacy of the person being remembered, showing the impact of all the fundraising taking place in their memory.

In memory of Nancy Bomphray

In memory of Joseph McAleer

In memory of Ally Guthrie

In memory of Jane Capaldi

In memory of William-Bremner Allison

There are three ways your page can help you remember a loved one:

  • Collect donations and new messages indefinitely

Your page will stay open for as long as you like – so you, friends and family can add donations and messages for years to come.

  • Take part in a fundraising event

like a 10km run, and your fundraising page will automatically link to the tribute.

  • Collect donations instead of funeral flowers

All you need to do is share the page’s web address with those who might like to donate. They can donate from anywhere in the world

While many of us give flowers at a funeral, more people are choosing to commemorate the life of a loved one by making an in memory donation instead

Often, the easiest way to donate is simply by asking the funeral director to organise this on your behalf.

Raise money securely

Wherever they are, whenever they want to donate, friends and family can give to your page easily, safely and securely. And they can choose to hide the amount they give or donate anonymously.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss anything relating to creating an In memory page.