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A new resource was launched  at a Scottish Parliamentary Reception for Clydeside Action on Asbestos. The Reception, organised by Stuart McMillan MSP, launched CAA’s new toolkit which has been developed with our support group members.

Lynda Harry Toolkit launchToolkit Alliance launch


pc mbe 2Phyllis Craig MBE – Manager of CAA


“It was important to develop a toolkit that was useful, relevant and reflected the needs of our members. We therefore wanted to involve people who have an asbestos related condition in the planning, development and review of the toolkit. Each of our support groups contributed to this and their input has been invaluable.

We also had the support of the medical profession and formed working parties with health care professionals and a few of our members in our support group areas. The working parties gave their time to contribute to the development of some of the information leaflets in the toolkit which was greatly appreciated.

alliancescotlandThe toolkit, funded by The Alliance, contains information leaflets that have been designed to help people to manage their condition. It is an entirely new resource for the management of asbestos related conditions and brings together hints and tips, answers to the questions that our support group members had when they were first diagnosed, information about managing breathlessness and the experiences of some of our support group members who are living with an asbestos related condition.

Since 2011, we have been contacted by over 3000 people living with an asbestos related condition in Scotland. The number of people being diagnosed continues to rise and we want to ensure that we can support them. The toolkit helps us to meet this aim.


Self-management Toolkit

ralph bruceRalph Bruce, a member of the Forth Valley support group:

I have been diagnosed with pleural plaque and pleural thickening. When I was given the diagnosis, my consultant did explain my condition but it was difficult to take everything in. In the weeks after my appointment questions would come into my head and I would have niggling worries about my health. I was lucky that there was a CAA support group near me and I get a lot out of going along to the meetings. But it would have been really useful to have information that I could look at and refer back to when the worries started to return.

I now know a lot more about my condition, but I know that the toolkit will be a great help to me. If I have a day when I am worrying about my health, I can pick it up and read the information inside.


john brown  John Brown was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2013. When he was told by his GP that he had an asbestos related condition he was concerned about the impact this would have on his life. He has shared his story in one of the information leaflets as he wanted to help others who were being diagnosed:

By sharing my story I want to reach people who are going through the process of coming to terms with their diagnosis. I wanted to reassure them that there are things that you can do to make living with their condition easier.

caa new logoCAA would like to extend special thanks to Willie Coffey MSP, Johann Lamont MSP and Linda Fabiani MSP for their attendance and support at the launch of the Toolkit




stuart mcmillanStuart McMillan MSP:

“I fully support the toolkit that CAA has developed with its members. The fact that the information has been developed with CAA support group members has led to the production of an extremely useful and helpful resource.

sm tweetPeople that are living with an asbestos related condition are living with a condition that was caused by being negligently exposed to asbestos. Any help and support for them is most welcome.


The toolkit is available by contacting CAA and will be distributed to healthcare professionals in the coming weeks.


Phyllis Craig – 0141 552 8852

Additional Information:

Parliamentary Reception: Scottish Parliament 6pm.
CAA’s Support Groups –  Aberdeen, Ayr, Borders, Edinburgh, Forth Valley, Glasgow, Greenock & Inverness.

Working Party areas:  Aberdeen, Ayr, Edinburgh & Forth Valley


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