Action on Asbestos: Important Notice

It is with deepest regret that I have to inform you that our annual memorial, which is normally held on Action Mesothelioma day on the first Friday in July, will now have to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Charity is deeply upset at having to cancel this event, but as always, we must consider our clients and their families, some of whom are extremely vulnerable.

To honour and commemorate all those who have lost their life to an asbestos condition, the staff at Action on Asbestos, have agreed to meet and lay a wreath, or some flowers, in order that this day doesn’t go ahead without us paying our respects to all of them. It is our intention to video the laying of the wreath and put on our website and social media in order that you can attend, but from the safety from your own home.

Please note that the Charity will also be honouring those frontline workers who have died trying to save all of us.

The second event that has to be cancelled is our AGM, which was supposed to take place on Saturday 17th August at Glasgow City Chambers. The Charity have been in touch with the Charity’s governing body OSCR, who have agreed for almost all Charities to postpone this event. The current Directors will continue as Directors for the Charity.

There will only be one change that must be made and that is the position of Chair. OSCR have stipulated that the Chair, after 3 year term of office must stand down. This will mean that our Chair Mr James Kelso will stand down as Chair on the 17th August and the Acting Chair will take over this position. Acting Chair will be Mr Gary Smith, with Mr James Kelso now becoming Vice Chair.

The Charity sincerely thank Jim for all his efforts over the past three years.

Please remember the charity continues to offer a benefits and legal advice service to all those with an asbestos related condition or an injury or disease caused by a persons work.

From everyone at Action on Asbestos. Please stay safe and well.