The Ladies are back!!! (in a garden near you) Ladies Day 2020 – With a Difference!!!

WOW!!! It would appear that our ladies day will be going ahead… but with a difference.

One of our clients, Cathie Hyslop, only just informed me that the ladies she would have been sharing a table with, at the ladies day we had to cancel, would now be hosting the same themed event in her back garden for her and her 9 other friends. They decided to go all out and stick to the Abba dress code, music and are even hosting it on the day of our cancelled ladies day – Sat 12th Sept.

Cathie told me that she was asking each person attending to pay £20pp so that they could raise funds for the charity. Inspired by her generosity I decided I would do similar and host a ladies day in my back garden. Thompsons Solicitors on hearing this have pledged to deliver a case of Prosecco to each person hosting the event to get everyone in the mood.

Since mentioning this to a few clients there are now approx. 6 other ladies hosting an Abba party in their back garden with 10 people attending.
I can’t believe that so many people are so generous. I have since contacted the local radio stations etc. who will definitely be calling round to meet all of you ladies.

I cannot express how delighted I am that we will all be at the “Ladies day”, albeit in different gardens throughout the country. The funds raised on the day will be spent on hosting a day at a hotel for the ladies with mesothelioma.
Would you like to Join us???

Please contact me if you think you could raise funds for the charity in this way – you’d be having such great fun too.

I’ve now ordered my costume and I’m so looking forward to a day of dancing (some drinks) and spending some time with friends, but most of all I’m excited that the funds raised will provide a great day out for our ladies with meso and their partners.

Please let me know if your interested in joining us 😊  Phyllis.