One in three Europeans potentially exposed to asbestos, new UN study shows

Just days after we remembered those who have lost their lives to asbestos related disease, a new report by the UN shows more than ever the need to keep asbestos issues to the fore in the minds of the public and politicians:  300 million people a year in Europe are potentially being exposed to asbestos which could lead to almost 15,00 lives per year being lost to asbestos-related disease.

A high-level meeting on environment and health in Europe today appealed urgently to all European countries to eliminate asbestos-related diseases, as a new United Nations report showed that one third of the 900 million people living in the region are potentially exposed to asbestos at work and in the environment

Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab, the World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe was quoted as saying:

We cannot afford losing almost 15,000 lives a year in Europe, especially workers, from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos

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