We are expanding with a new mission

Action on Asbestos, Industrial Disease and Injury, Scotland’s leading asbestos charity, is expanding with a new mission. The charity, until recently known as Clydeside Action on Asbestos, has been helping people with an asbestos-related disease for over 35 years. Now, we are expanding so that anyone who develops a work-related illness or injury can benefit from our advice service.

Phyllis Craig MBE, Manager stated:

After many years of focusing on asbestos-related disease, we are now able to expand to offer support and advice to anyone who has a work-related condition.’ The charity has just moved back into their newly extended offices at 245 High Street in Glasgow, following an extensive refurbishment and modernisation program. As there is significantly more space, they are able to expand their current service to include anyone who suffers from a work-related illness or injury.

Phyllis continued:

The victims of asbestos exposure will always remain at the heart of what we do, and CAA will always remain committed to providing highly specialised advice and support to people who have an asbestos-related condition. However, it is important that there is support and advice for people that are injured in workplace accidents and people who suffer from work-related conditions such as COPD, occupational deafness and vibration white finger.

Dr Gourab Choudhury, Respiratory Physician at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh has many patients who suffer from work-related lung conditions:

I see many patients with asbestos-related conditions, however, I also see people who have developed other respiratory diseases such as COPD and asthma. A person’s occupation can undoubtedly contribute to chronic lung disease, particularly if they have been miners, or worked with any of the agents that are known to cause occupational asthma. I am therefore privileged to be working in collaboration with Action on Asbestos.

Presently, there is no single advice service that specialises in benefits and compensation advice for recognised work-related conditions.

Dr Kevin Blyth, leading Consultant for Mesothelioma & Respiratory Physician at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital said:

I have supported the work of this charity for many years and know that they make a tremendous difference to the lives of people with an asbestos-related disease. Having a source of information and support for patients with other work-related illnesses will be a tremendous help.

Gary Smith, Director of Action on Asbestos, Industrial Disease and Injury, and GMB Scotland Secretary added:

Communities across the country who contributed to Scotland’s manufacturing past are all too often struck down by disease associated with that very manufacturing. This is an injustice that we will simply not tolerate.

Laura Blane of Thompsons Solicitors:

This will be a fantastic resource. At Thompsons Solicitors we continue to see people who have illnesses related to their working environment, and people who have had quite devastating injuries at work. Employers have a responsibility to keep their workers safe from harm, however, when something does go wrong it is difficult for the employee to know where to turn. Now there is a dedicated service that they can turn to.

Phyllis stated:

We have always provided a Scotland wide service however we were aware that our original name could lead people to think we only operated in Glasgow. With the expansion of the service, I felt it was very important to change our name to show that this is something that affects the whole of Scotland and is not just the big cities and towns.

Anas Sarwar, MSP:

This is a much-needed service for Scotland’s communities. It is a highly specialised area and I am delighted that Action on Asbestos, Industrial Disease and Injury, whose staff has extensive knowledge in this field, is taking up the fight.

Beth Crawford, who lost her mother, Dr Audrey Crawford to the asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma:

My mother was a great supporter of the work of this charity and chose to spend her time after she was diagnosed working with them to raise awareness of women with mesothelioma. I am honoured to do this on behalf of my family and am delighted that the charity will be reaching so many more people whose lives have been blighted by an industrial accident or illness.

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