Gift Aid Declaration, Sponsorship & Standing Order Forms

How Gift Aid Works

The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay UK tax. Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor.

The Charity takes your donation – which is money you’ve already paid tax on – and reclaims the basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on its ‘gross’ equivalent – the amount before basic rate tax was deducted.

As long as the giver is a UK a taxpayer and has paid sufficient tax, the charity gets 25p more in the £ per donation given with Gift Aid regardless of what tax band the taxpayer falls into.

So this means that if you give £10 to Action on Asbestos using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity.  A £50.00 donation would be worth £62.50 and a £100 donation would be worth £125.00.

JustGiving & Gift Aid

If you donate to CAA via JustGiving, Gift Aid is calculated automatically and sent directly to the charity. No paperwork is involved and an extra 20% is added to every donation. 85% of all donations on JustGiving are eligible for Gift Aid, compared to only 43% offline.

If you prefer not to donate to CAA via JustGiving, you can still complete a Gift Aid declaration and send it to us with your donation. This will allow CAA to claim Gift Aid on your donation from HMRC.

(multiple donations declaration is for people who want gift aid applied to the past 4 years and to future donations)

Sponsored Event

You can also use a Sponsorship and Gift Aid declaration form to make a Gift Aid donation to Action on Asbestos from a sponsored event.

Standing Order

A standing order is an instruction that you give to your bank to pay a set amount at regular intervals to the charity.

The forms can be posted or handed in to our office: We strongly discourage donors from sending cash donations by post. Please read advice from the Royal Mail if you are thinking about sending cash by post

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