Customer Care Policy

caa new logoCustomer Care Policy

  • Clydeside Action on Asbestos is a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable status.
  • To provide financial and practical relief to those in need by reason of diagnosis of an asbestos related disease.
  • To advance awareness, research and education about asbestos related disease among health care professionals, the general public and statutory, voluntary and public bodies.
What can service users expect of our service
  • In carrying out our objectives, all service users will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All service users will be treated equally, however, those suffering with a terminal diagnosis will be given priority over other service users.
  • Any service users who have special requirements, such as language or hearing difficulties should let us know in order that we can assist in making adjustments to accommodate this.
  • When a service user is unable to carry out their own business, we will deal with a person who is authorised to act on the service user’s behalf
  • Due to the demands on our services, we operate an appointment system for those suffering from non-terminal conditions and assist the majority of clients we have previously seen through a follow up telephone service.
  • All information held by us about service users will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with any advice agency or any other body unless an agreement is made with the service user.
  • We aim to provide our customers with all information, assistance and advice they will need in order to ensure that they maximise all welfare benefits they are entitled to.
  • Information on the pursuit of legal advice.
  • We aim to provide good quality advice specifically for asbestos related illnesses and for welfare benefits in general.
How will we carry out our business
  • We will carry out business with service users over the phone or in person at our offices. Due to resources and location, home visits will be kept to a minimum and carried out usually only for those with a terminal diagnosis.
  • After initial contact from a service user we will aim to respond to our customers within 2 working days if there has been a terminal diagnosis, and 5 working days in all other cases.
  • We will represent our service users at Appeal Tribunals (Scotland) – which will  be limited by resources and location – and all stages leading up to the Appeal and, where appropriate, Upper Tribunals.
  • We will publicise our network of support groups and continue to host these for the benefit of our service users.
  • It is not necessary to be a member of the Association in order to benefit from our assistance.
  • Membership fees are £5.00 per annum.
What we expect from our service users
  • We ask that our service users contact us immediately they receive the outcome of any welfare benefit claims, in order that we may update our records and carry out appropriate reviews of their case in the future.
  • We ask that our service users contact us as soon as possible if they are unable to keep an appointment with us.
  • We understand that service users may be under considerable stress when they seek our assistance, and we gladly offer our support to all who approach us, however, we ask that our service users treat our staff with respect, those who fail to do so may well be refused access to our service.
  • Should a service user wish to review the information that CAA holds in their file, they may make a request for this, in writing, to the Manager.
  • Should any service user have a complaint about our service, they may contact us in writing stating the nature of their complaint.
  • The complaint will be dealt with by the Manager (unless the complaint is against the Manager, in which case, the complaint will be addressed by a member of the Board).
  • All complaints will be answered in writing.
  • If the Service User is dissatisfied with the response, they may make a further complaint to the Board of Directors, in writing, within 2 weeks of the response noted above.
  • The Board of Directors will consider the complaint at their next scheduled meeting; therefore a response from the Board may take up to three months unless the complaint involves an urgent matter.

CAA will endeavour to ensure that we learn from any complaints.

Last reviewed 1 January 2019