We fund the first Scottish nurse to deal with all asbestos-related conditions

CAA Respiratory Nurse Specialist Kim Bracher (centre in the green jacket) with Phyllis Craig MBE (left of Kim) Dr Gourab Choudhury, left of Phyllis, Jim Kelso (Acting Chair of CAA, centre right).

Action on Asbestos fund a nurse dedicated to helping patients who have work-related lung conditions caused by no fault of their own. The new nursing post is the first in Scotland to be specifically targeted at people who are living with the effects of being exposed to substances such as asbestos and will make a significant difference to how people manage their illness.

Phyllis Craig MBE, Director of CAA:

We are delighted to be able to fund this incredibly important post. The CAA Respiratory Specialist Nurse will be based in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and will be a vital source of information and support to all those who whose lung health has been adversely affected by their working environment. Given the high incidence of asbestos related disease in Scotland it is anticipated that the majority of patients will have an asbestos related condition. An asbestos related disease can be difficult to diagnose and once it is, it is vital that patients have access to information and support through NHS Scotland.

Jim Kelso, Chair of CAA

It is an incredible achievement for CAA to be able to team up with the NHS in this way and directly contribute to improving the medical care of those living with an asbestos related condition.

The new CAA Respiratory Nurse Specialist Kim Bracher:

Although I have worked with patients with lung diseases for many years, it is an exciting opportunity to work closely with CAA and patients diagnosed with work related lung diseases. This post will provide an opportunity to look at ways to help people in Scotland manage their condition.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary and Director of CAA

CAA has a long history of working with healthcare professionals in Scotland, and the creation of a dedicated nursing post is an extremely exciting venture. I look forward to seeing the impact that the nurse will have.

Dr. Gourab Choudhury, Respiratory Consultant at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the lead for Respiratory Managed Clinical Network (NHS Lothian)

There are five recognised asbestos related conditions; pleural plaques, pleural thickening, asbestosis, asbestos related lung cancer and mesothelioma. Other work related lung conditions include occupational asthma, COPD and lung cancer related to carcinogens that can be found in the work place. The funding from Clydeside Action on Asbestos will allow us to have a specialist nurse dedicated to the care of these complex lung conditions. We are extremely grateful for this incredibly generous funding from CAA, and look forward to working closely with the charity

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