Following our October report, Victims face ‘trigger issue’ compensation uncertainty, CAA can now confirm that the Supreme Court has ruled that insurers are liable to pay compensation. The ruling means that those who were exposed to asbestos while working for companies which subsequently went bust are entitled to pursue compensation.Phyllis Craig MBE, Chair of CAA, said:

“We welcome today’s judgement. Any other decision would have been a backward s step in the rights of asbestos sufferers across the UK. The insurance industry really needs to stop standing in the way of justice. This is people’s lives we’re talking about; they are having to live with diseases caused by asbestos exposure that was no fault of their own. To continually attempt to block their right to full compensation is simply wrong. With October’s (2011) judgement on pleural plaque in Scotland and now this judgement I hope insurers get the message: asbestos victims deserve the fullest possible compensation.”


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