CAA were saddened to hear the news that Debbie Brewer has lost her long battle with mesothelioma and sadly passed away on Sunday 9 June 2013.  Debbie was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2006 and her battle with the disease inspired all who knew her.  Phyllis Craig MBE, Chair of CAA, was privileged to meet Debbie when she visited a conference in  Glasgow.  Phyllis said:

I was privileged to meet Debbie some years ago in Glasgow and, like all who met her , I was humbled by the courage and determination she showed in her long struggle with mesothelioma.  Debbie epitomised the quiet courage of those men and woman who are fighting this devastating illness day to day. Debbie’s struggle and the struggle of all those diagnosed with an asbestos related disease gives us all strength and reinforces our own determination to carry on our work in seeking recognition and justice for all victims.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Debbie’s family and friends.

Throughout her illness Debbie maintained a blog entitled Mesothelioma and Me and her family have posted a message to all those who followed Debbies’s story:

*Image: Phyllis Craig with Debbie Brewer at CAA stall, Glasgow. ©Mesothelioma and Me.


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