Liz Pfeiffer in loving memory of her husband Edward

Huge thanks to Liz Pfeiffer and all the family who have donated £200 to Action on Asbestos in memory of Edward Pfeiffer. Heartfelt thanks to the family for sharing Edward’s story.  We are sure that anyone who reads it will be so moved.  Everyone at AoA send all our thoughts to all the family.

Liz Pfeiffer, In loving memory of Edward Pfeiffer, Husband, father and grandfather. Taken too soon on the 9th of May 2020.

Forever loved, and deeply missed.

Edward was born 5th January 1947 and went to Orwell Primary school in Dalry, Edinburgh, then continued onto Tynecastle high school.

When leaving school he served his apprenticeship to become a painter and decorator, which he did from leaving school until he retired. In the early days of painting, he was exposed to working with asbestos. The silent killer !!

Edward was, a very fit, healthy man.. loved to play golf, loved to walk. Loved trips away with his family, Liz his wife, Kim, his daughter, his loving granddaughter Hannah.. whom he dotted on and his 2 wee dogs , Lily and Sidney.

We were a very close family.. spent ever day together.

So my very fit, healthy dad, in February this year, started to complain about a pain in his shoulder, which was very painful.. then the pain moved down his back…. he was in agony.

Mum got him into the doctor, where they sent him to St. John’s for tests.
They found out he had fluid in the lungs. Which they kept him in and drained a litre and a half , if I remember correctly?

Dad came home, but gradually became worse.. he was struggling to breathe, could barely walk a few steps. We managed to get him into The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on Sunday the 8th March. They took a biopsy the following day. Kept him in for the week, released him just before lock down.

Mum and dad went into St. John’s hospital a few weeks later to get the results. To be told he had aggressive lung cancer. Mesothelioma…. they gave him 2 months to live.

I honestly can’t explain the shock we all felt with this devastating news.. Still in shock if I’m honest.

My father passed away on Saturday the 9th of May 2020 and his funeral was at Saughton cemetery on Tuesday the 26th May.

Hardest thing ever , losing my dad. I keep thinking , surely I have no more tears.. but every day.. they keep on coming. How dare this cancer kill my loving father.. and all the other dads that have been unfortunate to work with asbestos.

A great man , gone far too soon.

That’s my daddy.. I miss him so much. Kim.