Annual Memorial: Action Mesothelioma Day 2021- Friday 2nd July

As you will be aware this year’s memorial in recognition of Action Mesothelioma Day will not take place. Instead, the charity has combined its efforts with the 4 Nations and will be taking part in a virtual event in order to mark the day. The theme for this year’s event is raising awareness of mesothelioma and you can attend this virtual event by registering at

The day promises to be very informative so please register and take part in this very special event.

The date of the event is Friday 2nd July (this event is always hosted on the first Friday in July).

Once the restrictions are lifted and those who have an asbestos-related condition are less vulnerable, we will host another memorial in order that all of you can attend.

Please know that we are missing all of you and can’t wait until we can all meet up again.

Thank you, Phyllis.


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