Fibres Play to be made into a Film

Absolutely thrilled to be supporting this fantastic production which uses humour to explore and address the devastating legacy of asbestos and the often hidden story of women with mesothelioma. Making a film will allow those who missed out seeing the deeply moving stage play. It’s a must see and we look forward to the premiere in November. Well done to all the cast and crew at Stellar Quines Theatre Company for making this happen.

Phyllis Craig Director and Senior Welfare Rights Officer of Action on Asbestos (formerly Clydeside Action on Asbestos) stated, “Our charity is delighted to be in a position to support Stellar Quines and the Citizens Theatre to make a film of the fantastic play Fibres so many more people can learn of the reality and devastation that previous exposure to asbestos can cause to a family. Today we are seeing so many more people being diagnosed with an asbestos condition simply because they went to work. No one should ever have to deal with an asbestos condition on their own. I would urge everyone to take the opportunity to watch this play.”

Phyllis Craig and Tam Mooney (centre) on the set with the cast and crew at showing of Fibres Play at the Pearce Institute, Glasgow.

If you missed Fibres on tour in 2019 then this will be your chance to see it. Premiering this November! Find out more at

Action on Asbestos delighted to be supporting new play Fibres